Synopsis: How to connect in Interprise Cloud Environment using the RDP file.


1. Right-click on the RDP file and open with Remote Desktop Connection

Interprise Coud


2. You will be prompted with a box asking if you want to connect or cancel, just click on "Connect".

Interprise Cloud

In MAC OS, it might prompt this screen where you need to enter a computer name. Put Computer name ""

Interprise Colud MAC


3. Validate your login with the same login information from the first step, including the domain name ex. iscloud\ when typing your user name. Do not just copy and paste the username and password. You must enter it manually.

Interprise Cloud

4. The Interprise Suite will start to load and you will be able to see the IS screen loading.

Interprise Cloud

or a box that prompts if you want to allow the Interprise Suite to run. Click Yes.

Interprise Cloud

5.  The screen of our app will be displayed. Sign in to the application with your IS username and password.

Interprise Cloud


Applicable Products:

Interprise Cloud Solution

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